Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring has almost sprung!!

Hey everyone!! How is the spring weather treating you? It's going great on our end.

Mental spring cleaning has begun. Clearing away those winter cobwebs in hopes of new and fun ideas for jewelry. Normally Leane does all of our blogging. She is definitely more word savvy then I am. But alas she is weaving weaving and weaving some more. So your all stuck with me today :) .

We finished our spring contest entry for the Chainmaillers Guild on Etsy. I must say it came out beautiful!! We need to give some special thanks to C & T Designs for a huge bailout on some niobium wire. We ran about 7 feet short and Curt had it perfectly color matched and mailed out the next day. Thanks again Curt!! Once we get the piece photographed we will post some pics of it. Just for a teaser, it has 199 potatoe pearls, 892 niobium rings, over 41 feet of 22g niobium wire made into hand spiraled headpins and it's 26 inches long. It was a work of love.

It seems with springtime comes a desire for people to buy earrings. I never noticed until we were asked for 2 sets within a week of each other. My favorite part of it is gem shopping. Oh how I love those sparkly little buggers. Being that quality gems are so pricey we tend not to keep them on hand. Say it with me.. Yay Rubies !!!!

So is there anyone else out there dreading outdoor spring cleanup? It's the only thing I can't stand about spring. We live in backwoods New Hampshire where all winter long they dump truckloads of sand on the road and then proceed to plow it into your front yard. Come spring you have 2 options. The first being, rake all the sand out from your yard back onto the edge of the road so your grass will grow. The second would be, leave it there and decide that your kids would love a new sandpit in the front yard!! Unfortunately Leane thinks that would be a bad idea :( .

There is something I am looking forward to about spring though. Cleaning up the woods around the house. I know what a lot of you are thinking.... He doesn't wanna rake the front yard but he does want to haul brush...odd. Hauling fallen trees to a giant pile can mean only one thing. Bonfire!!! Yes that's right, a fun filled evening of hot dogs, smores, beer and a giant fire!! I should make the pile smaller this year though. Seems it was a bit large last year and we had the fire department called on us. Ooops.. (Leane took the picture above out of our living room window.)

Well it seems I have rambled enough for the day. I hope you all have a wonderful week!!

On a side note, I need to remind Leane to blog about our newest hobby we are starting in 2 weeks. Beekeeping!!

Pete and Leane
Skelly Designs


  1. Can't wait to see what you did with it. Good luck in the contest.